Excellent Veiws Of Boruto’s And Naruto’s Character

Boruto is a very passionate about his Father. He respects his father. Naruto is Boruto’s father. Once he became the Hokage of village, he stops spending time with the family. He will become more workaholic. He will start to put family as secondary. This leads Boruto to hate his father. To understand the son and father relationship one must Read Boruto stories. Naruto became the strong Hokage. Villagers started to respect him as he is giving more importance to the villager’s problem. Because of this Boruto miss his father as well he will become emotionally weak. Once the Boruto became the Hokage, he will not try to become the strong Hokage instead he will work towards the peace. If we Read Boruto it clearly shows the leadership and the honesty of Boruto.Read Boruto stories

Once the Boruto takes the Hokage position village and other Nation also became more rich and calm. People are free from all the problems. This shows the position changes best father to irresponsible father. Naruto start to use clone for all his works. He stops attending family events. He always send clone instead of him for the family events. As Boruto observes his father not giving importance to mother and sister, he will start to his great father.

Father Is The First Hero

Father is the first hero of the kids. Everyone will be passionate about father. Even Boruto is very passionate about his father. He respects his father. Unfortunately as Naruto starts to give more importance to become strong Hokage he will lack giving importance to family. This makes Boruto to take over his father’s fame to different level. Boruto is blessed with best parents as well with best guide and teachers. This makes to be very strong. Apart from that he has some skill from the birth. He is a got an art called chakra. Instead of believing his coworkers and friends, he starts to do all the ideas and work himself.