Entertain Yourself By Reading The Most Thrilling Detective Manga Stories

The thrilling story, detective managa has been penned by Aoyama Gosho and the story started in 1994 and still it is ongoing. Mystery, adventure and childhood and school life have been included in this wonderful story. It is one of the most entertaining Manga stories and there are millions of readers, around the world. The sixteen year Shinichi offers a special treat to his friend in a different place, which is known as the Tropical Land theme park. Two criminal arrive there and one of them knocked him. They want to kill him, with the poison, which is untested. He was forced to take the poison and after that, the criminals left the area. The poison does not kill Shinichi, but makes him a little kid. His childhood friend takes him to her home and he starts to work in the detective agency, in which his father is the boss. Now, he changes his name as, Conan Edogwa Run. It is a pleasure for the readers to learn about the most intelligent detective conan manga.detective conan manga

He continues to all mysteries and of course, the credit goes to his father, since he is the chief of the detective agency. Since Conan he is a very little boy, nobody wants to listen to his ideas. However, he manages to solve the cases, with his great ideas. His only mission is to find those criminals, who are responsible for his present condition. Today, Manga stories are available for online manga lovers and they can read the story, from the beginning, so that they can understand, where they are, in the story. Sudden turning and unexpected thrilling moments are the special features of the story. The adventurous story has attracted millions of kids and they are curious to read the latest one and they just wait for the release.