Clinical Grade Drug Testing For The Lab Technicians And Benefits

Drug testing is an important one for the patients and it should be completed, as early as possible. It takes time for the labs to perform drug tests, if they have to take the samples, one by one. If they have to conduct drug test for five urine samples, they have to do the same job for five times. Further, the result may not be very accurate. In drug testing, accuracy is the key factor and when they use the latest 5 panel drug test system, they can find the results for all the five samples, in no time. It is very convenient for the professionals, since they have to just dip and read. It may not take more than five minutes for the dip card to detect the drugs, which is amazing. Since no other lab equipment is required for the drug test, the five panel drug testing product could be used both at homes and clinics.5 panel drug test

Perfect Accuracy In Testing Drugs In The Advanced System:

When the drug test result is inaccurate, the technicians have to go for another test for confirmation.  And at the same time, if they opt for the 5 panel drug test, they get the most accurate, that is, 99% accuracy. This time saving special five panel screen dip card takes less than five minutes to find the result. In some countries, some drugs have been banned and considered as illegal substances and after completing the sports, they need to undergo both urine and saliva tests and only when they are cleared, they will be declared as genuine winners. For this professional level drug testing, the modernized 5 panel drug test is the best one. The multiple-panel dip cards stay in perfect condition for 18 months and this is a great advantage for the bulk buying hospitals and laboratories.